Orlan and the Fine Art Criticism


To be a fine art critic the only thing you need to have is eyes and maybe a little knowledge about art in general.  Orlan is an artist who has undergone a lot of different plastic surgeries to morph her face into a “piece of art.”  Orlan describes her work as “Carnal Art” which is “a self-portrait in the classical sense, yet realized through the technology of our time.”  If fine art is a visual medium, then Orlan herself is a walking exhibit.  Orlan embraces the technology of the time by undergoing these procedures but rejects everything they stand for.  Instead of making herself “pretty” by my standard she makes herself grossly disfigured. 


Although it is easy to take a step back and ridicule an artist, being a critic isn’t as easy as it seems.  This is a community where you can be ridiculed for not liking an artist that turns out to be the next Picasso, or liking an artist who is just a drip in the pan.  Being a critic you have to keep up with the new movements, because in the world of art you never know what’s going to be coming out.  Orlan sells pictures and painting to help pay for the next procedure.  At this point in time Orlan is very famous and has left her mark on the art world forever.  You can vote for her to become the “Golden Woman of The Art World” here http://www.connaissancedesarts.com/


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