Henri Michaux and Gaze Theories


So after reading up on the different gaze theories I thought it would be interesting to relate it to Henri Michaux “Images du monde visionnaire.”  Without reading about what this film is about or where it came from, the normal viewer would depict this film as trippy.  In fact Henri Michaux was inspired to make this film with the help of such drugs as LSD and hashish.  The wildest part is that the film is supposed to be an educational film demonstrating the effects of hallucinogens.  I could imagine seeing this film being blasted on a huge wall at a rave with everyone tripping on different sort of drugs.  But getting back onto the gaze theories this film would fit in a few different categories.  Since Henri was inspired by his actual experiences this would be the film director’s gaze because we are seeing what he is seeing. 


We are now in his head looking through his eyes or his camera eye.  We are also seeing the editorial gaze because there is obviously editing that had to go into the film to get specific effects etc.  Since Henri did not edit the film himself, the gaze transforms into what the editor wants or has the ability to perform. Any speaking parts are in a different language, so the viewer who doesn’t speak the language only has the images to go on.  This is a completely different experience for the viewer because instead of letting the narrator tell you what you are seeing you use your imagination.  This would be considered the spectators gaze, the spectator viewing the text and deciphering it for themselves.  The gaze of this film is interesting because the viewer is watching the screen and viewing what it would like to be on a drug, when they really are not.  If this film was to make people not want to do drugs, then it defiantly did the opposite.  


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